A Day To Return

A Day To Return

Applicable period: From: 01/04/2024

One-day sightseeing and experience at Samten Hills Dalat

Offering Khata at The World's Largest Prayer Wheel

Offer smoke for peace prayers

Offer of butter lamps for enlightenment

Participate in one of the family workshops

Visit the Samten Hills garden

Enjoy lunch with a set menu at the Samten Hills Vegetarian Restaurant

Offer 01 thank you gift from Samten Hills Dalat

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Samten Hills Dalat is an ideal destination for families seeking a meaningful getaway, where travelers can immerse themselves in nature, deeply connect with themselves, and enjoy peaceful time with loved ones. “A Day to Return” – a special experience package designed for families to connect spiritually, awaken the powerful energy within each individual, and foster bonding among family members through experiential activities at Samten Hills Dalat.

Vast, tranquil nature for inner retreat

Stretching across the beautiful highlands of Don Duong, Samten Hills Dalat is blessed with exceptional natural surroundings enveloped in fresh, cool air, offering travelers the opportunity for inner retreat and to awaken the powerful energy of the inner self.

Original Vajrayana Buddhist spiritual structures

Explore Drigung Kagyu Samten Ling Vietnam, officially recognized by the Vietnam Federation of Unesco Associations as a “Spiritual and Cultural Space for Vajrayana Buddhism Space at Samten Hills Dalat, for the contribution in preserving and promoting Vajrayana Buddhism Values in Vietnam.” Within this cultural and spiritual Buddhist space, sits The Great Prayer Wheel Drigung Kagyu Rinchen Khorchen Khorwe Go Gek, recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest prayer wheel in the world.

Spiritual activities & experiences

Engage in special spiritual activities at Samten Hills Dalat such as practing kora, offering Khata scarves, single-mindedly rotating the Prayer Wheel, offering smoke for peace wishes, offering butter lamps for enlightenment, etc., to deeply experience the positive energy field and peace created by the loving prayers and compassion of the venerable monks. Additionally, guests can enjoy simple joys through activities like visiting the Samten Hills garden to experience farming and harvest produce.

Sincere service and delightful vegetarian cuisine

Nurture a healthy body, bright mind, and open heart through enjoying the pure and nourishing vegetarian set menu made with the simple, sincere love and smiles of the people of Samten Hills.

The price of “A Day to Return” experience package for one person is 700,000 VND. Please register for a minimum of 2 experience packages per registration.

Guests can register for “A Day to Return” package directly at the Reception Area or the website


Applicable Period: From April 1, 2024, until further notice. For further details, please contact the hotline at 19007071.

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The “golden” moments at Samten Hills Dalat
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