The “golden” moments at Samten Hills Dalat

Mục lục

Stretching across the beautiful highland hills of Don Duong, enveloped by majestic and expansive nature, Samten Hills Dalat is a serene and peaceful place for anyone seeking balance and deep connection with oneself to experience the vibrant beauty of life.

Immerse yourself in the pristine nature and the sacred space of the magnificent spiritual structures. Take in the fresh air and feel the passage of time with all four seasons in a single day. Everything harmonizes with the magical moments of nature, creating countless beautiful paintings that you cannot afford to miss on your journey of experiences at Samten Hills Dalat!

Chase the ethereal floating sea of clouds

Chasing the rolling sea of clouds in the shimmering morning sunlight is a mystical and romantic scene that you cannot miss when visiting Samten Hills Dalat. Wake up early to stroll along the slopes and seek out the drifting sea of clouds atop the mountains as the sun begins to rise!

Embrace the first rays of sunlight

Alongside chasing the clouds, witnessing the sunrise atop the mountains is also a magnificent experience at Samten Hills Dalat. As the sun gradually emerges over the hills, the light begins to spread, creating a breathtaking scene. At Samten Hills Dalat, no matter where you are, you can witness the sunrise, but the most remarkable and sacred view is from the Bridge of Hands & the statue of Laughing Buddha!

Silently admire the setting sun scenery

The moment of harmony between light and darkness is always a magical experience that nature brings. Admire the scene of the sun gradually setting atop the hill, or sit and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at The Leaf Coffee while gazing from a distance at the Space of Diamond Mindful Buddhist Culture – the heart of Samten Hills Dalat beneath the beautifully tinted sky, it always evokes indescribable emotions and feelings.

Witness the sparkling scenery at night

Stay a little longer, when the twilight descends and fades into the darkness, Samten Hills Dalat becomes even more radiant and sparkling than ever before. The iconic spiritual structures are illuminated, creating a beautiful, sacred, and solemn scene – a perfect ending to your day of exploration at Samten Hills Dalat.

At Samten Hills Dalat, you don’t need to go far or search for extraordinary things. Because we believe that once you have experienced the moment when the first rays of sunlight pierce through the statue of Laughing Buddha or silently admired the ethereal clouds painting the vibrant sky, you will truly feel the magnificence of nature and the preciousness of life like never before.

Secrets to fully enjoying your vacation at Samten Hills Dalat
For those who wish to fully enjoy a complete vacation at Samten Hills Dalat, for those in search of a peaceful sanctuary to “refresh” their spirits, shed life’s burdens in order to seek balance, Samten Hills Dalat will be the place where you begin your journey back to yourself through experiences with nature and a […]
Experience cloud hunting and watch the sunrise at Samten Hills Dalat.
Cloud hunting is a fascinating experience that you shouldn't miss when visiting the highland region of Lam Dong. There's nothing more wonderful than breathing in the fresh air of the early morning, letting your heart float along the gentle sea of clouds to wash away the weariness and worries of everyday life, absorbing the energy of the earth and sky, and feeling revitalized and invigorated throughout your body.