Amitayus, a Buddha of Longevity, symbolizes the energy that brings health and long-life to all sentient beings. Amitayus Buddha is the enjoyment body (sambhogakaya) of Amitabha Buddha.  

Life is the most precious thing we have. There are many different powers that exist in the sacred universe and these powers can manifest into the general appearance of Buddha. Pray for a healthy, long and happy life in front of the appearance of Amitayus Buddha to feel the positive energy of health and life. The Amitayus Buddha statue is 10.5m tall located at the Vajrayana Buddhist Cultural and Spiritual Space Drigung Kagyu Samten Ling, the heart of Samten Hills Dalat.  Having a large, outdoor, bronze statue of Amitayus Buddha is a unique and rare appearance in Vietnam. 

Opening hours: From 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Note: Opening hours may vary according to the circumstances.

Vajrayana Buddhist Spiritual Cultural Space
Buddhist Spiritual Cultural Space
The Drigung Kagyu Samten Ling Gallery was completed in accord with the tradition of Vajrayana Buddhist art. It was crafted by artisans from India and Nepal, which are both the homelands of the Buddha, right here, in Vietnam.
Maitreya Buddha Statue
The statue of Maitreya Buddha in pure bronze has a size of 10.5m tall, is one of the Maitreya Buddha statues in the standard Vajrayana Buddhist form. 
The World’s Largest Prayer Wheel
The world's largest prayer wheel is covered with 24k gold-plated copper. In the prayer wheel are countless Om Mani Padme Hum mantras printed on thin tissue paper and auspicious items such as relics of Buddha, relics of saints.