One-Day-Pass Sightseeing & Experience

One-Day-Pass Sightseeing & Experience

Valid time: Jan 17, 2024

One-day sightseeing and experience at Samten Hills Dalat

Offer 02 complimentary drinks of the day at the end of experiential journey

Free area transportation at Samten Hills Dalat

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One-Day-Pass Sightseeing & Experience at Samten Hills Dalat, where you can explore the majestic landscape, connect with the nature, and worshiping the spiritual & cultural space of Vajrayana Buddhism with a complex created in accord with ancient tradition of art. One-Day-Pass Sightseeing & Experience includes free area transportation and a special thank gift from Samten Hills Dalat. Specifically:

  • Venerable Monks & Nuns: Free admission and experience
  • Adult: 250,000 VND / 1 experience package
  • Child (height: 100cm – 140cm): 180,000 VND / 1 experience package
  • Senior (above 65 years old): 180,000 VND / 1 experience package
  • People with disabilities (Congenital or Permanent Disability): Free admission and experience
  • Child (height: under 100cm): Free admission and experience

You can register for the “One-Day-Pass Sightseeing & Experience” package directly at the Reception Area or on the website


  • Valid time: From Jan 17th, 2024 until futher notice.
  • Receiving welcome drinks at the service counter of Samten Hills Dalat.
  • For Group Inclusive Tour that need to be accompanied by a guide, please make an appointment in advance.
  • For more information, please contact hotline 19007071.
Experience cloud hunting and watch the sunrise at Samten Hills Dalat.
Cloud hunting is a fascinating experience that you shouldn't miss when visiting the highland region of Lam Dong. There's nothing more wonderful than breathing in the fresh air of the early morning, letting your heart float along the gentle sea of clouds to wash away the weariness and worries of everyday life, absorbing the energy of the earth and sky, and feeling revitalized and invigorated throughout your body.
The “golden” moments at Samten Hills Dalat
Immerse yourself in the pristine nature and the sacred space of the magnificent spiritual structures. Take in the fresh air and feel the passage of time with all four seasons in a single day. Everything harmonizes with the magical moments of nature, creating countless beautiful paintings that you cannot afford to miss on your journey of experiences at Samten Hills Dalat!