“An” Art Night at Samten Hills Dalat Cultural and Spiritual Space

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Within the framework of the series of events to inaugurate Samten Hills Dalat Cultural and Spiritual Tourist Area, on the evening of March 10, 2023, the “An” Art night with many special performances brought to a large number of attendees. great experiences with many levels of deep emotions.

Art night “An” with the participation of famous artists: Meritorious Artist Linh Nga, singer Tinna Tinh, music director Hoai An, lighting director Nguyen Tranh, Dance consultant – Dr. Ngoc Hien, editor – MC Quoc Binh, makeup artist Ho Khanh, costume art – designer Viet Hung, production director: Tran Anh, general director Huynh Phuc Thanh Nhan; along with many artists from Vietnam and India.

The art night “An” is a journey of discovery and discovery, giving viewers a feeling of being overwhelmed until even moments of settling down to find and connect body-mind. The organizers cleverly turned the colorful Buddhist spiritual cultural space into a stage where sublimation with special effects of sound and light.

“An” also gives viewers meaningful messages about the operation of the law of cause and effect, thereby ending evil, doing good, purifying the mind, opening the mind, and being at peace with life.


Prominent in all the performances performed is the Recitalization of the quintessence flow, recreating the way Buddhism was introduced to Vietnam and flourished under Ly Tran, bringing a peaceful life to Dai people. Vietnam at that time. With the appearance of Boi singing and dragon dragons, the scene of Dai Viet under Ly Tran dynasty was recreated, creating a strong impression on domestic and foreign audiences present at the show. Initiating the quintessential flow is a meticulously performed performance with 20 dancers dressed in Ly Tran Dynasty costumes, recreating images in life, culture and spirituality. Then there was the appearance of Long – Lan – Quy – Phung, the spiritual symbol of Vietnamese Buddhism, together expressing the royal culture of boi singing from 10 artists of the troupe of Meritorious Artist Ngoc Khanh. All merged into the picture of the spiritual and cultural life of the Ly Tran dynasty, taking Buddhism as the root.

In particular, at the “An” Art Night, there was also the ceremony of Lighting the Lights & Communicating the Lights, chanting the Luc Characters Dai Minh Mantra, which is one of the sacred rituals of Buddhism and also the most impressive moment. strong when thousands of lights are lit in the sacred space. Dang is a symbol of the light of wisdom, the light of enlightenment, of liberation, yogis make offerings to the Buddha… generate bodhicitta to seek all suffering, to seek liberation and enlightenment. The candle shimmers like the light of wisdom, offering offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions, listing the sages to prove their blessings, praying for the nation’s peace and prosperity, peace in the world… lofty and sincere wishes to the boundless and boundless Dharma Realm. The light was passed from hand to hand from the masters to the Buddhists, from one person to another like a spread, the prayer of SECURITY lit up a sky.

It is also impossible not to mention other performances from Vietnamese and Indian artists including: Peace Dance from Ladakh – Spawo Song and Dance, performed by an Indian dance troupe, taking the story of a king Defeat the invaders and bring peace to the country. Or the Great Compassion Mantra (Avalokiteshvara Mantra), the Vajrasattva Mantra (Vajrasattva Mantra), the Dzambhala Mantra (Dzambhala Mantra) performed by Singer Tinna Tinh on the background of the symphony orchestra. Tinna Tinh is famous as an actress, singer and devout Buddhist, she often spreads positive messages in a way that is close to the masses through songs, mantras, and sutras.

In particular, Dance Khuc An performed by Meritorious Artist Linh Nga and the dance troupe, with musical instruments bearing the Vietnamese homeland, opens the peaceful space of a Vietnamese village with natural beauty, harmony between heaven and earth. The image of a shy white lotus flower is like the embodiment of the beauty of Vietnamese people in particular and the imprint of belief in God and Buddha. Legend has it that for generations, where the land is sacred, there will be pagodas built, so that people have a place to gather, worship and pray for peace. That land is protected, blessed, and blessed by Gods and Buddhas, and is getting better and better. People become peaceful, happier and more peaceful.

There is also a choir of ethnic musical instruments with Uncle Luc Do Phat Mau (Green Tara Mantra) with many big names such as Master Thu Nghiem, Lecturer Bui Hai Yen, Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong… All performances are meaningful. contains good thoughts and wishes for peace to family, relatives, country and all sentient beings. At the end of the program, the whole audience was immersed in the space of the Great Resonance Meditation – Bell Rotating – Om Healing, helping listeners to focus, get rid of outside noises and impurities, and awaken their consciousness. awake in yourself. The sound waves emitted from the primordial sound will create a strong vibrational connection between the energy centers in the body. The time of Great Resonance Meditation is the interference of energy, directing people to gradually get used to an awakened lifestyle; mindfulness, bringing Peace to Body – Mind – Mind.

The art night performance program “An” marked an important event, when it brought viewers a particularly impressive and new experience with extremely vivid and harmonious lighting and sound effects. in an emotional performance. Attending the “An” Art Night, viewers clearly feel the connection between the senses, awaken the mind, feel peace and joy, the illumination of wisdom, a night of complete connection. Whole Body – Mind – Mind.


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